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Who is your Coach? 

Hi Thanks for taking the time to visit us.

Im Russ ill be your coach should you choose to pick me as the person to help you achieve your sporting Goals 

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My Story

Danbury Common has a lot to answer for.

I was 13 years old when I first found this place and I took my 21" steel wheeled Raleigh Magnum up to this now Iconic spot in the centre of Essex.

A friend an I cycled from Maldon. We were blown before we even got to 'treasure island' the site of the original trails. When we arrived we found a couple of lads riding up and down stuff that seemed impossible. I was hooked. 

Skip forward a few years Im working in a local bike shop and begin racing at the Starlight series at Eastway still on the Magnum! 


I started to do quite well and as we all did at this time in our lives I spend all my money on bike parts. Better bikes came and went performances improved I joined a local club Maldon and District CC and started riding their cross races and started winning the odd race here and there. 

I was offered a space via Southend and County Wheelers to ride in the extreme sports Olympics.

XCO as we know it was not an Olympic sport at the time, domestic pro teams apparently had no interest in traveling abroad to this event. So I was given a space as a result of a last minute drop out which by quirk of fate appears to have been Micheal Travers ( more on this in a moment.)

I did ok finishing 11th in the XC and 36th in the down hill giving me an overall position of 7th. first of the UK riders home ( the one and only time I've raced a downhill event!).

I have been riding racing and running ever since and in about the mid 10's i started to get competitive again 

3rd Place in the Eastern MSG XC series at masters age category 2014

1st Vet at 2412 24hr solo MTB Veteran 2016

2nd Place in my first Ultra trail race (St peters way Ultra.) 2020

National Champion 24hr Solo MTB Veteran 2021


I have been incredibly Lucky recently with support for following my passions 

Micheal Travers (Travers Bikes) offered me a spot on his team in 2014 and has continued to support me and my riding efforts I currently ride a Travers Rusti Evo. A 9kg XC machine! Click the photo for more.


Epic Orange Clothing superb quality Running and riding kit with customisable options. There speed suit is one of my favourite bits of clothing ever super comfortable. Click the photo below for more.


Squirt Products. Squirt Lube is by far the best lube I have ever used shunning the oil based approach for a wax they also do loads of other products too check them out on the link below.

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