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Eat Cake to Win!

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

You have all seen them, I'm guessing most of you have eaten them, they are a very well known brand of cake and they come in packets of 6 slices (or do they?). They're always on the middle shelf and in most of the major supermarkets they seem to be good value and they taste great (I love the lemon ones!). They are the winners of the cake world and they are not even trying hard. I'll explain why.

There are a number of psychological tricks being deployed here on a number of levels from the positioning in the store to the way they are packaged. All designs to make it EASY for you to purchase and consume.

They are on a middle shelf right in most peoples eye line, they have a well known brand and they are often offered at a simple price and are regularly on offer. All of these things make it EASY for you to make the choice to purchase.

Then there is how they are packaged on the box, it states that there are six slices right? but they are packaged in pairs so who honestly here eats just one... ? it's EASIER just to eat the second rather than wrap it up and put it back or if you're being real good you could share? (don't be daft right!) these things make them easy to consume.

So how does this help me win?

If these cakes were on the bottom shelf (or top) would you still buy them?. Think about it, do you go to the store thinking I must buy Mr Kibbles lemon slices?

In reality only three cakes in the pack just three cakes that are cut in half but if they put that on the box would you still buy?. Maybe, but they may have to reduce the price to get you to, everything about these is done to optimise their value or perceived value to you.

Good news is you can trick yourself into training more effectively and use some of this psychology on yourself and it works EVEN though you know you are doing it.

Firstly Let's take trainings position on your metaphorical aisle.

We are creatures of habit, we are all lazy and follow the path of least resistance. That sounds quite harsh but I don't mean lazy in the way you think I do even the most hard working people seek to find efficiency in what they do. When we are doing monotonous repeatable tasks we find EASIER ways to do them.

Following the path, consider a pin ball machine drop the ball from the top and it follows a path of least resistance and its movement is greatly influenced by the first pin that it comes into contact with. You know where you want it to go (your goal.)

Now consider this, you can fix the game. What if I told you that the day before you drop the ball you could move some pins (not all but some). It will greatly increase your chances of reaching your goal for the day.

Lets leave the metaphor now and consider tomorrow, you have work/life and stuff but you also have an hours run /ride /swim to fit in.

MOVE SOME PINS today, set up your turbo ready, lay your kit out tonight in a prominent place, make it EASY to do the session. Better make it as EASY as possible. Verbalise it to your Partner (no partner say it out loud to yourself)

You will tomorrow want to follow the path make sure that the path leads to the session.

Secondly lets look at the slices

You have started your session, it's a belter you know it's going to hurt and hurt bad. It's a threshold effort with a brief recovery in the middle.

Mentally it's one session, treat it like two do what Mr Kibbles does slice it in half!

Finally set your pins for tomorrow

Important as rest and recovery is set out your stall for tomorrow's session do it while you still feel good from the completed session and make this a habit your'e not only setting the pins for tomorrow but actually for the rest of your year (and life). These subtle changes now will have a massive effect over the years.

DONE that's how you eat cake and win, now go eat a slice (or two).

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